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*comfort zones & other such luck

I am deeply struggling with my journey and it has yet to begin.. The details are pressing in on me, from shots that are needed to buying the right supplies, to even having the money in place to go. I never considered myself a typically anxious person, I always had friends that stressed about exams or break ups or the latest Hollywood scandal.. I have never been that person, but now I am making up for 17 years of worry free living.

As a result, I have been clinging to the image below, the thought that: “life begins at the end of your comfort zone”. When I think of this, I think of the millions of people who will never venture outside of their little zone.. whatever that may look like, and then I think of how I don’t feel like I’m “venturing outside”.. it’s more like I’m cliff diving. I am, in my own little world, redefining the “leap of faith”. (In case you were wondering, I now refer to this as the plunge to death.. haha jokes… kinda.) So I simultaneously take comfort in the fact that I will be one of the fortunate to see a little bit of the world, to cliff dive and really learn to trust God… while I also sit in the corner of my room and quiver as I hesitantly approach the edge.

67 days & counting.



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