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*the africa post

Here is all the info on my upcoming trip!

Some of you may recall I was originally starting this journey with Mercy Ships in Africa.. I came to learn of this Leadership Training opportunity in Nairobi, and was planning to stay 3 months past Mercy Ships to do a short term leadership session.  However,  after I had been accepted with Mercy Ships, they informed me that the ship was docking this summer for maintenance … and my ‘ministry’ would actually be limited. I clearly felt that for where my future is aimed, leadership training would be a much better use of my time and resources,  and far more specific to preparation toward my hopeful future!  This Leadership School called the Kinara program, which is Swahili for “Captain.”  It is run by and based out of Nairobi Chapel.  You can take a peak at the church here:
A few things you may be interested in:
1) I leave Edmonton April 28th and leave Nairobi on December 1st to return to Edmonton. (Return date is flexible at the moment)
2) YES, it is safe! (Plus I have the greatest Protector!)
3) I am living with a host family while in Nairobi.
4) I will be taking classes 3 times a week, teaching a bible study at the junior highs and high school 4 mornings a week, serving in the church, and doing offsite outreaches in the slums in Kenya.
5) I get to wear tons of dresses! (Haha I’m sure that wasn’t your concern but I’m still excited)
6) Nairobi has 3 million residents.. and a totally rad hotel called “giraffe manor”.. where giraffes just poke their heads in while you eat and such. DEFinitely on my to-do list!
7) I will be working in the young adult ministry primarily, planning events and coordinating with other students to help their ministry grow.
8) Nairobi Chapel has about 3,000 attendees.
Prayer requests:
1) Safety. Seriously, I couldn’t have picked a better location in Kenya. Nairobi is very stable and for the most part, as long as I take the general precautions (same ones I take here) I will be fine! All the same, being in a foreign place is always a little scary! Nairobi Chapel is confident in my safety, but there’s a lot of travelling goin on so please pray all the same!
2) Health.. I really don’t want to get sick ):
3) Finances! Regardless of whether or not you are able to support me, please pray for this! I’ll explain later what I need, but also, I’m spending every last cent on this trip and then will hopefully be able to work for a month before returning to school in January 2015. I’m nervous not just about GETTING to Nairobi, it’s also coming home and trying to get loans and etc. to get right back into the swing of things.
4) I am praying that Nairobi is going to sweep me off my feet and the time will fly by. (I think something in me knows it will, but that hasn’t stopped a little apprehension from creeping in.) But it seems like such a long time, and I hate home sickness!
5) The amount of lifestyle change I am about to undergo is.. well, massive, to say the least. Please pray that I’ll adapt quickly!
TOTAL NEED: $10,816
This includes my tuition fees for the Kinara program, my living expenses, flights, covering my Compassion children while I am without income, a government imposed visa, and my passport renewal.
(With safari: $11,150)
I also have an opportunity to go on a week long safari for an additional $500.. while this would undoubtedly be incredible, when push comes to shove, I will go without it if necessary (:
I don’t know about you, but that’s a big number in my world haha. I have been able to save up $3,500 on my own, which leaves $7,316 that I still need. Would you please pray and consider supporting me while I am abroad?
(Please know that I cannot tax receipt any donations since they are being made to me personally. I do have a PayPal account or you can pay me directly.)
If you asked me about my future and ultimately, what all this is for, I’d do my best to explain a pretty whacked out and LARGE vision for a future where quality, basic education is the norm in EVERY country. My plea is to invite you on this journey with me… not to just write a check to another missionary kid, but to truly make an investment in a young adult who is trying to follow the Lord.  This trip is multi-faceted as I will be – 1) receiving excellent “hands on” leadership training, 2) I will be doing actual ministry in a country that is connected to many regions that are suffering from the very problems I long to help solve, and 3) I will have the opportunity to build a network with future partnering organizations.  Fact of the matter is, I don’t really know what God has specifically in store for me, but I truly am trying to walk by faith and put my best foot forward in preparing for whatever that is.
Thank you in advance for praying for me, walking with me through life, loving me, and considering supporting me. I am so excited for this next step in my life!
much love & many blessings,
One of the things that intrigues me about Nairobi is that it’s surrounded by a national wildlife preservation park.. which means I won’t be far from goodies like giraffes…
Kenya, like all of Africa, is so rich in culture! I am looking forward to all I will learn.
Look at this beautiful city!!
I am so excited for all the adventures awaiting me! (And to share them all with you!)

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