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*the raddest week

The title says it all. I just had THE raddest week. Let’s revisit:

* On Tuesday I wrote my English midterm, which I nailed. (Side note, my professor is British, which seriously makes my class infinitely more enjoyable.)

* Proceeding said midterm, Mom treated me to lunch at Violino’s, which is the most awesome.

* After lunch Mom & I visited the Whyte Ave Chapters, which is my second favourite bookstore in the city.. Though I’m slightly biased to our South Common Indigo, cause we’re clearly the superior of the two. I mean only one employs me.

* As if a Tuesday could get any better, Dad treated me to an evening showing of  “The Monuments Men,” which I seriously loved and cried like five times.. And if you see it, you’re gonna be all “Mag you definitely should not have cried,” but I cry easily and I love art. So just hold the judgement there, Mr. Stone Emote.

* Wednesday night: embark on journey to Canmore!

* Stop at Five Guys and Fries on the way.

* Read an entire novel in the car. YES. (probably shoulda studied, but YOLO. haha. jokes.)

* Had the only good sleep in my family at our cheap motel. (Thank you Lord, for blessing me with the ability to sleep under any circumstances.)

* Thursday morning, head to Sunshine!!

* SKI DAY! (How can you beat this?)

* Thursday evening, stop and see my lovely Auntie’s new home! I am so proud of her and the life she has built for herself, and I totally envy her view of the mountains!

* Friday: commence stressing over Philosophy midterm, BUT go to lunch with an old pal, Hannah, to make up for it!

* Work Friday night. Customer story of the year:

“Hey, just wondering if you can help me find an author.. Jonathan Shunks?”

(Moment of my racking my brain) “Huh. Never heard of him, let’s try the kiosk.”

(Head over to kiosk, search Jonathan Shunks.. Followed by John Shuncks, Jon Shunks, James, Judas, Javier, Joshua, and every other “J” name you can think of.) “I don’t think we carry a Jonathan Shunks, I’m sorry ma’am..”

(Twenty minutes later, featured customer returns.) “So.. I’m actually looking for Nicholas Sparks.”

(Incredulous look.) “Yep.. he’s right over here..”

How this lady got Jonathan Shunks from Nicholas Sparks, I will never know.

* Friday night, get off work, go home to find the Broomers in my living room, home at last from Thailand!

* Work Saturday, get surprised by the awesome Brooms with a Starbucks card! YAY.

* Go on a pinning spree to make the most of some quality procrastination. (Pinterest, you are my best friend and nemesis simultaneously.)

* Attend the best worship service ever at Imagining Church, and have my feet washed. Incredible experience.

* Study non stop from here on out for Philosophy midterm.

* Take a break for a delicious turkey supper that my wonderful mother made, AND apple pie, with ice cream.

* Watch a little of the Oscars, solely to laugh with Ellen.

* Stay up studying until 5 AM this morning, because I REALLY want a good mark on my Philosophy midterm.

* Nailed Philosophy midterm about an hour ago.

* Life. Is. Good.

Check out our matching dimples and good times vibes. Ya buddy.

photo 2

photo 1Violino’s is situated amidst a cluster of cute little stationary, pajama, (but seriously.. a whole store of onesies? yes please.) and candy shoppes. The restaurant itself was initially a home, which gives it a particularly warm vibe. Big windows allow loads of light in, the food is wonderful, plus an eclectic assortment of art featuring violins gives an offbeat yet cultured taste to it all. The experience as a whole was entirely charming, though I must say the company and conversation made for the best part! If you live in Edmonton, this is definitely a cute little place to check out!

Happy Monday y’all (:

much love & many blessings


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