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*here’s the list of things i miss about home

We all knew this post would come at some point, so bear with me. (; No but truly, this month has been almost worse than my first month here for homesickness. I think it’s because I’m no longer distracted by culture shock, and now I’m having to work through “oh, right, so this is my life now..” Ha! It’ll come, and hopefully soon, but for now, indulge me in acknowledging 22 of things I miss about home!

One) My library.. I’m sure that’s the single lamest thing you’ve read on this blog so far, but it’s just the truth! I miss coming home and seeing all my dear, old, beautiful friends all lined up waiting for a little love! (:


Two) “Excuse me.” “No, excuse ME.” People are so squished into this country, you just bump into every third person or so and move on with life.

Three) Tim Horton’s. No seriously, two words: Iced. Cappuccino.

Four) Big open spaces like, every four blocks.

Five) Cars with their wheel on the right side. Every. Single. Time. I have to remind myself to walk around to the other side. And Dottie, you may say that y’all have it on the “right” side, but the majority of the world begs to differ.



Six) I realize professional hockey wasn’t exactly a hobby of mine, but I miss having it in the background of my life.

Seven) Maple leaves. Maple leaves everywhere.


Eight) and on that note.. Evergreen trees!

Nine) Recycling. Canada converted me into a moderate environmentalist while I wasn’t looking, and now when I watch recyclables get tossed I cry a little. It’s pathetic.

Ten) Sigh.. No, I don’t live in Toronto.. Or Vancouver. (No hard feelings on this one, I get it. But still.)

Eleven) Canadian humour, mostly because I actually understand it. I don’t get half of what my friends here laugh about.. But jokes like the classic “two seasons: winter and construction,” or the never ending yet endearing complaints about the Oilers, well, those I can at least give you the obligatory chuckle.

Twelve) I knowww it’s not winter at home, thus I have no right to be missing winter at the moment, but truly. Snowflakes. Block heaters. Ice rinks. Boots, scarves, mittens. Winter (:

Thirteen) Lakes, rivers, glaciers, and the like with pristine, clear, and freezing cold beauty.



(Middle Lake, Joffres Provincial Park, BC)

Fourteen) Loonies & Toonies. There’s just something so.. homey about those words being a part of your vocabulary. You automatically sound nicer, as opposed to the American “buck.” Not to mention, if you so happen to have a bill in your wallet, then dear sir, you have a minimum of $5, which means you’re practically rich!

Fifteen) Long live the Queen.

Sixteen) I can drive six hours left or right and be with people I love either in gorgeous, rolling prairies, or in awe of beautiful mountains.

Seventeen)  Edmonton summers are the most incredible.. Just imagine like, 12 hours of sunshine a day, birds singing, 20-30 degrees with a beautiful breeze, Northern Lights; I mean seriously our summers are like, out of a movie! (I like to think it’s payback for winter.)

Eighteen) Traffic lights and stop signs, though annoying at times, actually make life quite peaceful.

Nineteen) Busses display their route numbers on every side, so you can always tell where it’s headed. Conveniently, they have schedules, so you always know when to expect them.

Twenty) Like every kind of cuisine you could ever imagine is available.. Indian? Sure. Italian? No problem. Mexican? Questionable, but available. Chinese? Why not “to go”? Thank you, immigrated population. I love you.

Twenty-one) Speaking of immigration, I really miss seeing all kinds of ethnicities in one place. And before you take off with that one: no that is not in any way racist.. Multiculturalism is complex and at times, problematic, but neither of those things change how beautiful the “mosaic” is.

Twenty-two) I used to take an LRT ride downtown everyday, across South Edmonton, the river valley, through the tunnels, and then I’d pop up somewhere around 106th street. I loved that commute, and I miss it.


Edmonton, you pretty thang, you.

This a very small sample of things that occur to me on a daily basis, and yet it seems so insignificant. I miss my family a near impossible amount.. I miss Imagining Church! Oh my my do I miss IC, and all my dear friends.

much love & many blessings,



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  1. Stephanie

    Sweet Maggie,
    Well I wrote a long comment and was so excited to send it off and somehow I deleted it… UGH so here is my next attempt in a comment that will hopefully get to you this time!
    First off congrads on the awesome opportunity God has given you.
    I loved this post!
    We so often take all the little things that are in front of us for granted, we never have time to miss them cause they seem to always be there, until one day they aren’t?? then what right?
    I think that’s how it is when God’s paints a beautiful opportunity right in front of us, it may not look big or even like much of an opportunity, but God has put it there for a reason… do we choose to overlook it? Or do we choose to take it and give it our best?
    Thank you Maggie for taking the time to blog, it adds a little Maggie into my day 🙂 I have yet to watch Captain American and the Avengers, but will do so before your arrival home … (I promised you I would at least watch those two)
    I miss you Maggie! my prayer for you is that you feel our prayers from all the way over here! When the sun comes up in the morning may your feel the warmth of the Father’s embrace, and be reminded someone is praying for you, when the sun goes down, may you rest in knowing God is with you, and will be with you constantly, as the sun sets also be reminded someone is praying for you… We are praying Maggie!
    I love you Maggie!
    Praying for you.
    Remember He is only a prayer away…..

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