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*happy little nothings

It’s been a weird few weeks for me, a combination of illness and health, happiness and sadness, and bad and good happenings. Somewhere along the way I started mentally compiling this list of happy little nothings that I can think of to help counter balance the bad. And ya, there’s a much deeper spiritual and emotional route to take, but sometimes I’m just too tired to be grown up.


daisies – the smell of rain – sidewalk chalk – little baby fingers and toes – books – freshly cut grass – spelling words out with sparklers – sunsets – eyes shining with tears – dimples – when the leaves get crunchy in september and the air gets crisp – bouquets of flowers – vines – benches – listening to the coins clink in when you pay your bus fare – loonies & toonies – trying to control a giggle fit – pretty bows in pretty hair – bodies of water – sun hats – listening to waves – chasing seagulls away from your watermelon rinds – sisters – ugly school yearbook photos – bubble baths – the way woody from “toy story” runs – when something you’ve waited for finally comes to fruition – the sound of skates on ice – watching zamboni drivers – big, comfy sweaters – hot chocolate with marshmallows – falling snowflakes – how quiet the world becomes under a blanket of snow – coffee – how your home smells after baking – getting goosebumps from a beautiful emotion – hearing a song that transports you back in time – evergreen trees – balloons and birthday candles – laughter – bear hugs – immersing yourself into well read stories – the cello – ampersands (&) – polka dots – your childhood teddybear – freckles – salt and pepper – farmers markets – homegrown vegetables – mountains – fuzzy socks – tea – christmas presents – “oh, holy night” – family traditions – pulling something off that no one thought you would – candles – bookends – when you manage perfectly symmetrical winged eyeliner – scarves – showering after a long day – swimming in lakes – collecting sea shells or rocks on a shore – bookshelf trinkets – eyelashes – sparkly eyes – falling in love – feeling anonymous in a crowd and yet still knowing exactly who you are – rubber boots – lollipops – strangers that become friends – bedtime stories – ticklish spots – sundresses and sandals – elderly couples that still hold hands – rosy cheeks – really cold coke on a really hot day – red hair – catching up with old friends – cupcakes – a lake surrounded by evergreens with a stormy sky: the perfect colour combination – laughing before the punchline – jazz music – your favourite pair of jeans – watching a kid chase a butterfly – a well written character – the way a lemon smells like sunshine – being genuinely glad for someone else’s good news – pasta – exploring new places – a kid trying to stay awake – dancing – feeling no societal pressure, or being in essence, “free” – watching someone come out of their shell – little ballerinas – snail mail – aquariums in dentist offices – snuggling – how everyone puts just the right amount of milk in their cereal.. according to them – laughing to or at yourself – sunlight filtered through trees shining into water – red high heels – stick figures – fresh berries on vanilla ice cream – the countryside – to be continued..

So, hopefully this has brought on an onslaught of good memories. I hope to hear from you about some of the things that should have made the list. There are so many fun little things we take advantage of, I know I’ve forgotten some!

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