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*this is love

One of the requirements for the Kinara program is “PPI” or Pastoral Primary Instruction. It’s an hour that includes a bible lesson, some songs, games, and adorable interaction with the students. I won’t lie: I was dreading this part of the internship, but it took me totally by surprise. Kids tend to weird me out and there were some severe cultural differences to overcome, but by the time I was saying goodbye to students for their end of term I was pretty much heartbroken. I don’t think there could possibly be a better feeling than being tackled with hugs, or having a student recite the memory verses from weeks’ prior, or hearing them answer a question correctly. Seriously, so rewarding. I will miss these sweethearts. I had friends film me in two of my classes for another project, but I wanted to give you a brief look at my time in the classroom, so I put together this shorter clip to the tune of “So This is Love” from the Walt Disney film, Cinderella. (It seemed like the perfect fit.) It’s just too precious not to share, so I hope you enjoy!

much love & many blessings,


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