*about maggie mackenzie

Hello!! My name is Maggie. Thanks for stopping by!

As you may have gathered, I like the colour pink. I’m a bit of an extrovert, and I’m in constant pursuit of a good laugh. I have the most wonderful family in the entire world, I read a lot of books (bless), and I love going to the movies. I’m fundamentally opposed to sushi, I have a tendency to severely undervalue sleep, and I’m just very sorry about both of those facts. I just completed my Bachelor’s in Biblical Studies at the Moody Bible Institute, and living in downtown Chicago while pursuing my passion with all of my best friends made for a very sweet, love-filled, and unbelievably *fun* 3 years. I jump at any chance I get to travel and love to be just spontaneous enough that I surprise even myself every once in a while. Oh also, I have an intense fear of hippos. And cockroaches.

Most importantly, I am surrendered unto and saved by the only living God, and I wholly intend to worship and follow and glorify Him for the rest of my days. I was a disaster when he found me and gave me a new life – a life where I could finally take a deep breath, out from underneath the pressure I put on myself to get it all right, and away from the piercing fear of failure that perfectionism brought with it. He saved me from a desperate loneliness and crushing shame – God renewed my soul and gave me this beautiful gift of faith. I cherish it, and I continue to be amazed by and grateful for this beautiful life I get to live.

xo, mag

Now to the King. 1 Timothy 1:12-17


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