*why i’m in chicago


Surprise! I live in the illustrious Chicago, Illinois currently, and I’m loving it. Ya I didn’t really see this one coming either. Here’s the story of how and why:

Chicago is colourful and loud and beautiful and I get lost sometimes. I had no idea I would end up here when I graduated high school, and I may have taken a round-about way to get here, but I’m so glad God has brought me here. The “round-about” basically includes mentors in Kenya who suggested Moody to me, and I applied pretty much thinking there was no way I would be accepted, so what difference did it make…?

Shock of all shocks, I was accepted and here I am. I often wonder if this is how my whole life will play out: me throwing a prayer up to heaven and then ending up on a plane a few months later. It seems like the last 3 years or so have been going that way.

So. I am in Chicago to attend Moody Bible Institute. Moody is a school dedicated to training young leaders for the ministry, and I’m currently working to attain my degree in Biblical Studies so that I can be equipped to serve in any kind of ministry God may call me to.

While I’m here, I have the privilege of being the RA of Houghton 4 West, which is a floor made up of wonderful young women whom I have come to love dearly. They are truly some of the best friends I’ve ever had. I also get to work as the student events coordinator on campus, and I adore my coworkers and supervisors. I pretty much always have my head down studying, but when I’m not studying I like to explore Chicago, and spend time with my floor and our brother floor, Culby 16. I live a great life here. It’s a joy! 🙂


PS I’m literally obsessed with my floor/friends, so here are some pictures of us being adorable.