*how i ended up in kenya


In case you’re at all confused, here’s the explanation on why little, 18 year old, Edmontonian, homebody me packed her bags and jumped the ocean to Kenya on April 28th, 2014.

So, October 2013, I decided very last minute to attend the Global Leadership Summit in Calgary. I wasn’t initially going to for a number of reasons: time off work was a hassle, missing classes is never ideal, etc.  Apparently it was God ordained that I attend.. On the last day Pastor Oscar Muriu spoke on  a leadership program offered at his church, Nairobi Chapel, in Kenya, and I was hooked. I went home that night, checked out the website (http://www.nairobichapel.org), fell absolutely in love, and emailed the first address I could find to ask for a job.

Within 2 days I had filled out an application, been accepted into the program and drafted my first support letter. At the time I had already been planning on interning with Mercy Ships for 3 months off the coast of West Africa, but on the same day I was accepted into the Kinara program at Nairobi Chapel, I received an email from Mercy Ships informing me that the ship I was to work on would be undergoing maintenance for a month and a half of my time there. I took it as a sign, if you will, and I resigned my position with Mercy Ships and decided to go straight to Kinara for the summer.. Sometime later I decided (I’m not sure if it was conscientious or just meant to be) to extend my stay in Kenya through my September semester. I returned home to Canada on November 28th, 2014, giving me just under 8 months in Nairobi.

While interning at NC, I worked in the Services department, where I helped plan out every Sunday’s services and other events in the church. (It was essentially my dream job.) I also, according to Kinara’s program, taught Bible studies in elementary and high schools daily, which I enjoyed way more than I initially expected. (Not one for kids, but I’m getting there). I attended classes on leadership, as well as meeting the reading requirements each month. The other interns (there were 19 of us in our term) are some of the most wonderful people I have known in life thus far. I learned so much in my time abroad.. About Kenya, living on my own, my faith, and mostly, I learned about myself. I unintentionally did a lot of soul surfing, and I’ve been so immensely blessed by my time at Nairobi Chapel, and all that I experienced. If you’d like to learn more about my time in Kenya, check out the following posts:

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much love & many blessings,



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