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*sleepwalking in venice

Ya, so by the time I actually made it to Venice, I had slept maaayyybee four hours over the course of two nights, and had spent 12+ hours a day walking around London and Paris… So Venice feels very dreamlike in my memory because I’m not actually sure I was awake for all of it.

Venice is also one of those days that reminds me how much of an extrovert I am. By 2 pm I was sitting in a piazza on the phone with my mum because I was so bored, having no one to talk to. Who gets bored in Venice?

Despite my social deprivation and extreme exhaustion, I loved Venice. I had perfect weather, and Venice is so unique and so, so beautiful. Enjoy these photos! I sure enjoyed Venice.

xo, mag




















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*you smelled bad, but you sure were pretty

Something about Paris made me want to sing “Dream a Little Dream of Me” and “la Vie en Rose,” you know? Seeing Paris in real life is dreamlike, surreal. It’s odd, because we’re overexposed to Paris – movies, books, photos. But seeing it for myself felt like: “Oh I forgot this place really existed, and is bustling with people who all live life and have to put up with this annoying public transit.” It’s romanticized and overdone, but Paris still manages meets the hype. It’s a beautiful city, no doubt. It smelled bad about 75% of the time, but taking a nap in front of the Louvre, watching the sunrise over the Eiffel, enjoying the Luxembourg Gardens, or climbing too many stairs up the Arc de Triomphe to watch the Eiffel Tower sparkle at 10 pm? Sights and memories that far outweigh the scent. 😉 Enjoy some of my favourite captures of the day, featuring my travel buddy and outstanding goof ball, Megan. 🙂






We were so obsessed with the Arc that we went back to see it again at night, and then climbed to the top. Totally worth it.








“I just want one of those photos where they’re trying to touch the top of the Eiffel Tower, but I want it to be SO bad.” #missionaccomplished






Best part of my day was reading a whole wall with scraps of paper, Metro tickets, napkins, and otherwise with bits of wisdom and declarations of love scrawled on them from readers around the world that visit Shakespeare & Co. I love the book community, and I was thrilled to finally see this place in person.




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*heart eyes for london

London has been a long term dream for me. I don’t know if it’s the history, the accents, the literature, or what, but I’ve just always loved the idea of London, and let me tell you – it did not disappoint. My first week of spring break was spent enjoying London and it’s beautifully quaint architecture, winding streets, tolling church bells, double decker busses (which make so much more sense then the annoyingly long busses we have in North America??), and tea. So much tea. It was amazing. I loved every moment.

I also had the extreme delight of reconnecting with friends I made nearly three years ago in Kenya, which was.. Well, there just aren’t words. I even got to see Vela, who was a German woman that came to Kenya several months before I was leaving! I was so encouraged to see the work they are doing for the Kingdom, and God at work in each of them. We laughed, reminisced, ate, watched a movie that was a smidge too suspenseful, and they graciously let me accompany them for the week to see their ministry up close. I’m so proud of them. I invite you to join with me in praying for them!

On Friday, a woman from my floor who is currently studying in Ireland, flew into join me. Megan is quick witted and easy to talk to, to name two of a million other wonderful traits she possesses. She made a great travel buddy, and it was a joy to be with her for the weekend!

These are some of my favourite photos from the week:


lots of love to you, london – especially in light of recent events and the tragic depravity of man. thanks for giving me a beautiful week of exploring and enjoying you!

xo, mag